Why COVID-19 and Other Diseases are Linked to Nature

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When the COVID19 happened, people panicked, and most of the countries were caught off guard. But there are three things that the event reminds us about. First, it reminds about our “normal” dysfunctional relationship with nature; second, the loss of wildlife, as well as the deforestation, has also contributed to the increase of the infectious disease including the coronavirus; and third, half of the world Gross Domestic Product is moderately and/or highly dependent on nature. Now that the COVID19 has caused us inconvenience, some people now ask if humans can bounce back again. This is the very reason why, it is not time to learn from the past mistake and build something that is good, if not better.

Nature provides a buffer between diseases and humans, and now that the COVID is here, but there is also a decrease in the production of goods, there has some domino effect that is triggered when an important element is destabilized. In this case, nature. In addition, the changes in human activity as well as the encroachment into natural ecosystems also cause diseases like COVID, malaria, Lyme disease, and Ebola.

In the case of the covid19, it is noteworthy to know that 60 percent of all infectious disease originate from animals and 70 originate from wildlife like AIDS.

Our nature should be a part of the solution. Certainly, you might think that this involves getting in touch with nature while we seek some effective vaccines. Of course, this is one way to be connected to nature again. In fact, going into Pinetop cabin and enjoying nature with your loved ones will help you get in touch with nature and sympathize with it. Of course, caring for nature and doing better actions than before requires more than just camping in nature. It also involves politics, economics, and even social aspects. The government should initiate programs as well the private organizations in order to protect, conserve, and heal nature.

The whole world is experiencing a crisis and it would be difficult to overcome this within a few years. What is needed is a sustainable plan that could provide benefits to both humans and the environment. Both the government and businesses can contribute to the future by ensuring significant biodiversity and prioritizing local and sustainable products. These all can help build the future and increase resilience. In addition, there are options that are beneficial like transitioning towards renewable energy that can effectively reduce the carbon footprint of different industrial activities all over the world.

Of course, it is important to understand that these efforts are not easy and simple. These require strong leadership from the government, large and small corporations, and civil society actors. This means that cooperation from different aspects of society is needed. In addition, it also needs thorough and targeted financial solutions and helps. This might require long years of effort and a big paradigm shift. However, its result is also beneficial and long-term.

If we do not act now, we are just wasting a year ahead.

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